Multi Way Pets Tunnel
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Multi Way Pets Tunnel



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Do You Love Watching Your Pets Play?

A Must Have For Pets Owners!

paw orange big 001 pico Perfect for One or Even Multiple pets to Play Together! Now they Can Play Hide & Seek with Each Other or with You!

paw orange big 001 pico 3 Openings Allow 3X the Fun Over Same Old Boring Single Tunnel!

paw orange big 001 pico Lasts Longer – Made From Strong & Durable “Cat Safe” Material.

paw orange big 001 pico Extra Dangle Ball That Cats LOVE to Swat at!

paw orange big 001 pico Pets also LOVE to Sleep in it.

paw orange big 001 pico Great For Bigger pets Too!

paw orange big 001 pico Easy & Compact to Store Away