Social Reward$ Program

Share Stuff You Like And Earn Rewards!

What's better than finding products you love? Sharing products with your friends!   We welcome you to join our social media community of Bent Buys referral influencers. By simply referring your favorite items to your social network, you'll get paid for every referral that results in a sale!  That is free money in your bank account, or to use to get stuff on Bent Buys.

Bent Buys provides you with the freedom to spread your support for our brand via any social media platform, while earning money back.   Most of your friends will be happy that you are sharing products that you think they would like.  Your friends often have the same tastes as yours and therefore probably would consider a purchase of referred products.

To get started, simply click on the referral button on any product page and follow the instructions.   Our system will keep track of any sales resulting in your sharing (and caring) and will be credited to your account automatically.  Click here to view all the items available for sharing.

Let’s start referring! Below are some quick points on how to share products to your friends, family and colleagues. It’s simple and it’s easy!

    1. Find a product you love in our store.

    2. Click on the rBux refer button located on our product pages. This will take you to the rBux Referral Share Page.

    3. To refer the product you selected, make sure to follow the steps outlined on the 'Create Referral' screen on the rBux page.
      • First describe what you like about the product. You can add pictures, videos, and YouTube links showing you with your product or select a website image.
      • Save your referral.
      • Now, share this referral to friends via Email, Facebook, Twitter, or you other favourite social media channel. Make sure your settings are public to get max views.
  1. When your friends purchase your recommendation, you will earn rBux into your account that you can convert to cash. You also earn if your referral is forwarded to others! The rBux referral chain can refer up to 11 people per product!

Once you've earned rBux, you may redeem them for product discounts or withdraw them for cash.



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